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A Note to New Users

Hello! Welcome to Reddit, and, more specifically, to /r/Videos.

If you're new here, there are a few places which you may want to visit before you leap into the action:

We hope you enjoy your time on Reddit, and, more specifically on /r/Videos. Stay safe, and keep watching the skies.

About /r/Videos

/r/Videos is a default subreddit—one of the 50 or so communities to which all users are automatically subscribed when they make a Reddit account. (N.B. This may be changing as Reddit alters its new-user experience!)

As you can probably guess, we're all about collecting the best videos from across the internet. Usually, if a video hits the frontpage of /r/Videos, you can be sure that it'll be picked up by other media sources (and subsequently posted all over Facebook and Twitter) within the next few days. As a subscriber, you often get to be ahead of the curve in this regard, and can forever annoy your friends by telling them that you've already seen it.

What a time to be alive.

The Rules in Detail

We don't have many rules, but the few which we do have we take very seriously. They are in place to ensure that /r/Videos is an enjoyable environment to spend time in, attracts high-quality, varied content which is suitable for an audience as large as our subscriber base is, and maintains an atmosphere of respect where possible. Here is a little more information on each, complete with a summary of the rationale behind the implementation. These are not catch-all summaries, and further detail can be provided as required by contacting us.

A full breakdown of the rules, the rationale behind them, and their impact is located here

Top Tips

Although we try our best to make everything as clear as possible, some aspects of /r/Videos (and Reddit in general) are fairly obscure. Here's a collection of a few tips you should know to get the most out of your experience:

Moderators Emeritus

Believe it or not, /r/Videos was not built in a day.

Here are some of the people who played a big role in the subreddit, and who have since moved on to other things. We are greatly indebted to them for their help in making /r/Videos what it is today!

The Best of /r/Videos

Each year, we like to run a contest for users to vote for their favourite videos of the year across various categories. The winners get a little prize, everyone else gets a list of the best-regarded content of the year. We all win.

For previous years, see /r/Videos/wiki/bestof

Unfortunately, this contest has not been run for the years 2016 & 17.

(Special thanks to /u/skizlmanizl for this section!)

Disclaimer: The Wiki is subject to changes and updates as and when required, but is intended always to reflect the current state of /r/Videos.